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Rug Cleaners
Perchloroethylene &Naphthalene
Dry cleaning

Can be found in rocket fuel
Fumes may cause cancer, liver damage, loss of appetite, severe dizziness, sleepiness and nausea.
Read labels on proper use, if ingested call the poison control center immediately and rinse area with cold water throughly.
Toilet cleaners
Sodium Hypochlorite Antimicrobial Pesticides hydrochloric acids
external image moz-screenshot.pngKilling germs and disinfecting toilets

Sodium Hypochlorite;
Can be found in some cigarettes and tobacco chemicals
Serious breathing problems, irritating to eyes throat and skin,
Always wash your hands before and after handling such chemicals, never mix toilet bowl cleaners, if they are mixed harmful gasses are likely to occur. always have exhaust fans in the room and remember to wear gloves. if any chemical is ingested call the poison control center immediately.
external image moz-screenshot-1.pngexternal image moz-screenshot-2.pngDrain Cleaners
Lye and sulfuric acids
unclogging drains, breaking down mold limestone, and grime buildup
Dangerous fumes, may cause blindness if they come in contact with your eyes burns on skin and may also lead to death if ingested.
call the poison control center immediately and always read labels so that you may know how to properly use this product and react in case of an emergency.
Air fresheners
formaldehyde petrolium distillates, dischlorobenzene, and aerosolpropellants
deodorize the air and freshen the air used in rug cleaners
highly flammable, irritant to eyes, skin and throat they usually cause death if eaten or ingested by animals or humans
Always read labels,do not use near open flames if in eyes or mouth, rinse with cold water throughly.

Motor oil
ethylene glycol
Propylene glycol
(yellow greenish liquid)

made up of many unique chemicals may be contaminated with zinc, magnesium, or copper that it has acquired from the engine.
ethylene glycol
Propylene glycol
(yellow greenish liquid)

made up of many unique chemicals may be contaminated with zinc, magnesium, or copper that it has acquired from the engine.
Dangerous fumes may be deadly if inhaled and can do damage to your kidneys and liver if ingested.

used in vehicles & tractors, makes sure that the pistons do not rub against each other.
is expected to contain chemicals that may lead to cancer (carcinogens) serious threat to plants and animals
Read labels, use less toxic antifreeze, keep stored in a high place away from children and pets, remember to wear gloves when handeling antifreeze, because it can be passed on through skin absorption.

Dispose of oil properly, do not pour out on ground or in any water source
Safest place is the recycling center.
oven cleaners
Sodium hydroxide and usually potassium hydroxide (lye)
cleaning ovens

Sodium Hydroxide:
some shoe polishes
Can be harmful to skin and eyes do not ingest or swallow may cause burning of the skin or eyes.extremely corrosive meaning that it may burn your eyes and skin most oven cleaners are fatal if swallowed.
Non toxic cleaners without lye are usually available.
always read labels. oven cleaners should only be used by adults and adults should always wear aprons and gloves when handling oven cleaners. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!
Dish washing detergent
mainly phosphate
also found in soaps
washing dishes and removing tough stains
Do not ingest or swallow may cause burning to throat or eyes automatic dish washing detergents have been known to cause skin irritation and burns while manual washing liquids are mild but may still cause irritation to the throat and eyes if ingested. of the skin or eyes.
buy Green Works products, usually safer to humans and the environment, keep out of reach of small children. Keep away from eyes and mouth.

The EPA protects the environment from toxic chemicals and chemical waste. Toxic chemicals should be handled with extreme caution around pets, plants and humans. Some toxic chemicals may have fatal outcomes if ingested . If any chemical is ingested the poison control center should be contacted immediately at 1800-222-1222.