The Liver

The liver is one of the organs that get rid of toxins. The liver takes the toxins and can turn them things that can benefit the body. The liver also cleans the blood of toxins and poisons. It also keeps the blood healthy in other ways, it makes a protein for blood plasma. It will also take the poison ammonia and turn it into urea, a part of urine. It removes bacteria from the blood, all in all it helps to protect the body from toxins very well. It sends all of these toxins to the kidneys to be taken from the body. It helps very much to keep the body clean of toxins, and bacteria.

The Kidneys

The kidneys filter out all the toxins that go out of the urine. They are like a train station, the people(toxins) get on the train(Urine) and leave down the tracks(The urinary tract). The path of these toxins goes something like this, blood is filtered through the live, the toxins are sent either as bile by-products or blood by-products to the kidneys which filter them into the urine.





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